Philosophy of course

This course aims to produce a degree in public health. Knowledge of public health and other related subjects in community health management. Plan for problem solving and develop public health. Environmental Health Management Occupational Health and Safety Health Communication for Changing Health Behaviors Health promotion Disease control Care and rehabilitation of the person. Family and community holistic under sufficiency economy philosophy. Can analyze systematically. Research and application Knowledge in the work. Can work with health professionals in the relevant profession. As well as being a moral, ethical, public mind is a good example of health. Continuous learning and self improvement. And adapt to society happily.

The system of teaching

learning and teaching The duration of the study is 138 years. It is the only one of Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University. Teaching at Samut Songkhram Provincial Education Center

Career path

1. Health academics in the District Health Promotion Agency

2. Public health academics in various departments of the Ministry of Public Health

3. Teachers in public health.

4. Health academics in local government agencies.

5. Public Health Officer

6. Perform other related profession in public health.

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